We build useful software by being good listeners and refreshingly punctual.
We believe transformative software is most effective when available to companies ahead of their competition. Our aim is a simple one: We launch product essentials on time by reaching one objective every ten days. We like to call this One-In-Ten.
Unlike large, traditional software companies we put people, not features, first. Productivity is the outcome of an outstanding user experience - our mission is to build something your team will want (and love) to use.
1. Strategy
Creating new software is a liberating and exciting experience for any business. It’s a chance for teams to reflect on areas of improvement within internal processes by taking a step back and visualising ideal outcomes. We’ll take those outcomes and plan a route to success.
2. Experience design
People before features. Sounds simple, yet many software companies make the mistake of never asking their end-users one important question: What do you need? We ask this repeatedly throughout the process. By listening, we build wonderful experiences people will enjoy using. Software should be useful and fun to use, this leads to real productivity and measurable business results.
3. Technology
We’re a team of designers and software engineers. Our job is to empower your people with the right cutting edge technology, and ensuring products remain relevant, fast and always-on.
4. Validation
Ideas are actionable when validated by your target audience. In other words, we guide businesses in spending money on only the essential features, those which will truly transform their company. We measure success of ideas with routine focus groups and prototype testing.
5. Support
Our support team and dedicated software engineers are always ready to answer any questions you may have. We offer vital training to your team so they get the most of the software we build together.