Uniworld / Sophia Uniworld
Connecting a remote team through gaming

Intro & problem

Uniworld is an award-winning boutique cruise line. It offers itineraries in spectacular destinations throughout Europe, Russia, and Asia. The company’s European fleet features luxurious ships with an average capacity of 130 guests, the highest staff-to-guest ratio in the river cruise industry, enticing shore excursions, world-class gourmet cuisine, impeccable hospitality, and numerous other all-inclusive benefits.

 We partnered up with Uniworld to help bring to life a brand new gamified learning experience for their teams who are based on river ships around the world. The purpose of the app was to train staff in a variety of topics that would help them in their day to day, elevating the overall customer experience for the many Uniworld guests.



Sophia is a training game for Uniworld staff onboard river cruise ships around the world. It allows staff to present light hearted challenges to each other, quizzes based on the many values and aspects of the cruise company. We worked with illustrator Petra Eriksson to create a set of whimsical objects and characters to bring the game experience to life. The illustrations are based on a nautical theme.


Challenge colleagues and build relationships

In the early days of research for Sophia Uniworld, as we interviewed management and employees, we quickly learnt that the workforce craves a means to communicate with their colleagues on other ships, in different countries. We decided to design a game that encourages users to challenge people in their friend list. This resulted in an environment in which people not only became better informed about their role, but also became competitive with their peers on other ships and work shifts.


Multiple leaderboards

We found that by putting every aspect of the company to the test, we could generate leaderboards for management, ships, team members and departments. With Sophia, users can view results and points associated with their superiors, creating a fun and competitive atmosphere within the game. Teams from different ships keep an eye on each other and aim to work together as a team to be better and climb the leaderboard.


Built to work with poor internet connectivity

Most of the time internet connectivity on ships is poor and inconsistent. We had to find ways to go about this issue so that teams could continue to challenge one another and engage with the learning experience even when there was zero internet. The solution consisted of building an 'offline mode' feature which stores information during offline periods, and syncs it back with the server when an internet connection has been established. This resulted in uninterrupted playability and a solution to an age old issue that plagues the nautical industry.


Custom built scoring and ranking

Quizzes within Sophia Uniworld are powered by a chess scoring algorithm. Overtime, this gives rise to a pool of points that are spread across the many users of the platform. These points are distributed based on an exchanged between two competing players, resulting in winners gaining the points of their opponent.



1. Supports 800 users on 21 shipss

2. Used in Europe, Egypt, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Russia and China